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Photo of Lileah Akiode
Lileah Akiode
Owner The Black Diamond Agency, LLC

Lileah Akiode is the Managing Director of The Black Diamond Agency, a recruitment firm dedicated to connecting talented people with rewarding career opportunities across corporate retail, Financial Services, and IT. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion, and strives to create a more equitable and representative workforce.

Lileah thrives on building meaningful connections and helping individuals discover their true potential. She takes pride in guiding candidates through their career journeys, matching their unique skills and aspirations with the perfect opportunity. Lileah is committed to providing personalized support and valuable insights to both candidates and clients, fostering long-lasting partnerships.

Lileah’s dedication to helping individuals succeed, combined with her passion for fostering strong relationships, makes her a trusted partner in the recruitment process. She is eager to connect with you and support you in achieving your career goals.

Kate Anders
Vesta Wealth Advisors


Photo of LaDonna Bethea
LaDonna Bethea
Founder & CEO The Desktop DiVA

The Desktop DiVA was founded in 2009 by LaDonna Bethea. LaDonna is a PACE certified administrative professional with over 25 years of administrative support experience. She has held varying levels of positions over the years.

LaDonna also designs stationery for business owners and event planners for weddings, other social events through her brand Designs by ElleD (pronounced LD).

Photo of Angie Brandt
Angie Brandt
Owner Both Worlds Travel

Time is our most valuable non-renewable resource. Vacations, no matter the length or distance from home, offer up moments that can change us, define us, add to our story, and sculpt our legacy. Angie Brandt owns Both Worlds Travel and she is on a mission to help her clients make lifelong memories through travel.

Angie is a rising star in the Travel Industry and provides the same high-touch, white glove service to all her clients, be it those booking:
– family getaways,
– luxury small ship cruises, or
– custom-designed five and six figure vacations

As an Advisor with access to the Virtuoso Network and robust relationships worldwide, Angie is positioned to help you and your VIP clients make memories for life.


Photo of Susie Castellanos Hansley Ph.D.
Susie Castellanos Hansley, Ph.D.
The Stress LESS Coach Susie Castellanos Hansley LLC
Dr. Alicia Chitanand
Physician, Owner Blissful Lifestyle MedicineMedical

Meet Dr. Alicia Chitanand, your expert guide to improving your health through lifestyle changes and Osteopathic Manipulation. As a triple Board Certified Physician in Lifestyle Medicine, Sports Medicine and Family Medicine, Dr. Chitanand is dedicated to empowering her patients on their journey to optimal health.  With a focus on lifestyle modifications and osteopathic manipulation, she helps individuals overcome barriers to change in a supportive environment, enabling them to lead vibrant, fulfilling lives. Through personalized strategies, Dr. Chitanand enhances quality of life and manages chronic conditions by implementing practical, impactful adjustments. Additionally, her expertise in osteopathic manipulation promotes muscle relaxation and spinal realignment for improved well-being. As a certified yoga instructor, she seamlessly integrates yoga principles and mindfulness into patient care. Experience Dr. Chitanand’s transformative approach at her Apex office or through convenient telehealth consultations for Lifestyle Medicine  services. Unlock your potential for wellness today!

Photo of Rosha Christian
Rosha Christian
REALTOR® Sold by Rosha, brokered by Fathom Realty NC

Welcome to the dynamic world of real estate, where your dreams of home ownership and savvy investments come to life! I’m Rosha, your dedicated real estate agent specializing in assisting first-time home buyers and professionals throughout the Triangle.  With a passion for transparent transactions and a commitment to empowering my clients with knowledge, I bring a fresh and innovative approach to the real estate journey. As a seasoned professional, I understand that buying a home, especially for the first time, can be both thrilling and overwhelming. My mission is to guide you through the process with clarity, confidence, and a touch of savvy.

Why work with me?

– Specialized Expertise: My niche areas are first-time home buyers, W-2 professionals, and those who are self-employed; I bring a wealth of knowledge specific to your unique needs.

– Transparency: I believe in transparent communication throughout the entire real estate process. You’ll always know what to expect up front, and I’m here to answer any questions you may have.

– Savvy Negotiation: Armed with market insights and negotiation skills, I work tirelessly to secure the best deals for my clients, ensuring they make informed and advantageous decisions.

– Local Insight: As a native and resident of the Triangle, I have an intimate understanding of the local market trends, neighborhoods, and opportunities.

Let’s Navigate the Real Estate Journey Together!

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer ready to take that exciting step or a seasoned professional looking to make a strategic real estate move, I’m here to be your guide. Let’s turn your real estate aspirations into reality, making the process not just successful but also enjoyable.

Connect with me today and ask about selling discounts for fellow WBON members!

Photo of Wanda Clayton
Wanda Clayton
Owner/Photographer Timeless Photography NC



For more than a decade, I have made it my mission to capture the beauty that exists within everyone, turning images into a work of art that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Specializing in contemporary and fashion-inspired couture portraiture, personal branding, lifestyle, and corporate photography, I pride myself in going the extra mile to create a space for you to be your most authentic self while feeling confident, empowered – and beautiful.

From professional hair and makeup to lush refreshments, I bring a luxurious experience to each session – whether in the studio or on location – so that you can unwind and enjoy the star treatment that you deserve.

Book your Portrait Couture or Personal Branding Consultation today.



Photo of Consider It Done!Personal Concierge Service
Consider It Done!Personal Concierge Service

Consider It Done!  Personal Concierge Service is a boutique Raleigh area concierge/ personal assistance service offering the very best in lifestyle management. Our team tackles mundane to do’s so our busy clients can have the freedom and time to do the things they love. They learn the freedom and relief that delegating to do”s can bring.

Even for those working from home life can feel overwhelming and stressful when to do’s don’t get done, leaving little time for family, fun and self care, or even to focus on career growth. Yet often these professionals and families have neither the budget nor the need for a full time personal assistant.
Consider It Done! Personal Concierge Service  has become the resource that can be used a few hours a week or as needed to manage those dreaded to do lists. Clients purchase packages of hours that can be used whenever and however they need. Small business owners can use the service for both business and personal tasks.
Our personalized approach and passion for excellent customer care is what differentiates Consider It Done! Personal Concierge Service. Our commitment to our clients is that by working with our experienced team they’ll have the luxury of focusing on what really matters: family, fun,  self care or on growing their small business.
Whether we’re working with top realtors managing a relocation (We specialize in whole house, one day unpacking & organizing), planning holiday parties/ events, wrapping holiday gifts, starting dinner, managing store & Amazon returns, researching & supervising contractors, taking dogs to the vet or groomer, organizing paper files for a local business owner, folding laundry, doing home tidying, gift & grocery shopping, or organizing closets, toy rooms & pantries, if it matters to our busy clients it matters to us. And overextended women deserve no less.

We help our clients flow through their days with less stress, giving them the freedom and relief that comes with delegating mundane tasks. This is so essential to achieving work/ life balance.

Consider It Done! Personal Concierge Service  is not just an “errand service.” Instead, we pride ourselves on being Raleigh’s favorite lifestyle management service. In 2022 we expanded our services to local tech companies looking to offer innovative services to their employees, so that company time is not taken away to handle personal errands. The service boosts employee morale and helps employees achieve work/ life balance.

If your life feels overwhelming at times and like there are simply not enough hours in the day we’d welcome a conversation.

Call or text us @ (919) 697-8874 or visit us online at http://www.RaleighConcierge.com


Kind Regards,
Sherri Durbin, Owner & Founder
Consider It Done! Personal Concierge Service
“We make to do lists disappear! What’s YOUR superpower?”
Raleigh’s favorite at home personal assistance service
Office: (919) 697-8874
Cell: (562) 883-2600 


Photo of Shirley R Feuerstein
Shirley R Feuerstein
Affirm Mobile Notary

I have worked as a senior real estate professional for many years both up North and continued to do so when I moved to NC. I made a career change to become a mobile notary and then added loan signing credentials and became certified as a trust delivery agent. I also did some transaction coordination work in the real estate profession which is a very detailed oriented task driven profession. You must be very well organized to do a good job. Loved that part of the work. I am very excited to be part of the very ethical notary profession and look forward to continuing working with my stronger abilities to help people and give them peace of mind which gives me great joy. I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!!!

Photo of Jodi Free
Jodi Free
CEO Platinum Business Solutions- Human Resources and Recruiting

Jodi Free is the founder , CEO and President of Platinum Business Solutions Inc. You will always know when Jodi enters a room . Her laugh is infectious, her energy unbound and her smile always brightens the room. Jodi’s love for people and her desire to make connections between dynamic people flows into her business practices. Jodi believes good people know good people. Jodi calls Cary, NC her home for over 25 years . As an entrepreneur, Jodi has a successful track record building companies. You may often find her serving as a mentor to many others and volunteering her time in the community and actively involved in non-profits. She currently serves on 6 non profit Board of Directors,WBON Women Business Owners Network of the Triangle- Past President and current Vice President, NAWBO Greater Raleigh Board of Directors Corporate Partner, Leading Edge Health Professionals-President, Charter School of NC, SC & GA Advisory Board, Wake Tech Community College Advisory Board and Thrive Resource Center Board of Directors. She is also actively involved with City Club Raleigh and a member of the Cary Chamber of Commerce.

When Jodi started Platinum Business Solutions more than 18 years ago her vision was to build an agency from the feedback of her clients and her experience working in the corporate world. Jodi has previously served within the corporate world as a Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President and in other various “C” suite positions. Platinum Business Solutions ,NC was established as a “Boutique Recruiting and Human Resource Firm”. Jodi wanted to offer exclusive business offerings by customizing services to her clients. She wanted to save client’s time interviewing multiple candidates and looking through numerous piles of resumes. She and her firm found they had to get to know the personality of each client’s company first. This allowed her firm to place (more importantly) the right personality fit with the right skill set. Jodi believes this is extremely important when you are putting someone in a career. Not just filling a “job”. Jodi also states, “This is a unique approach that separates her company from other direct placement firms”. We present our clients one resume and they can do one interview, in which 99% of the time, results in the “Perfect Hire”. We love what we do and we are here to establish long term relationships with our clients ( which are not only here in the Triangle, but across North America , Europe and Asia).

Jodi’s favorite quote that she tries to live by is by Maya Angelou.”I have learned that people will forget what you say, people will forget what you did, but people will not forget how you made them feel”.



Photo of Dr. Rita R. Gibson
Dr. Rita R. Gibson
Founder- Owner Dr Rita Renee-Ultimate PowerHouse Coach| Gibson & Gibson Licensed Financial Professionals, LLC.

Dr. Rita Renee’: Wealth Strategist, Nurse, Author, International Speaker

Dr. Rita Renee’ is a multifaceted finance, healthcare, and personal development powerhouse. With a diverse background and a passion for empowering others, she has significantly impacted various areas of life.

As a Wealth Strategist, Dr. Rita Renee’ brings her financial expertise to the forefront, guiding individuals and families toward financial freedom and prosperity. Her strategic insights and wealth-building techniques have transformed the lives of many, helping them secure their financial future.

In addition to her financial prowess, Dr. Rita Renee is a dedicated nurse who provides compassionate care and support to those in need. Her commitment to the well-being of others extends beyond monetary wealth, and she touches lives through her work in healthcare.

Dr. Rita Renee’ is also an accomplished Author with a compelling narrative that inspires and motivates others to find their voice and share their stories. She encourages individuals to break their silence and overcome challenges, fostering personal growth and resilience through the power of storytelling.

As an International Speaker, Dr. Rita Renee’ has traveled the globe, empowering women to embrace their authentic selves and celebrate their uniqueness. Her captivating presentations instill confidence and inspire positive change, especially among women who find strength in her messages.

You can catch Dr. Rita Renee’ on MyCarolina, where she regularly provides financial literacy insights to the audience, furthering her mission to educate and empower people in finance matters.

Dr. Rita Renee’ is the Ultimate PowerHouse Coach, encompassing finance, relationship, and authorship, and her journey continues to inspire many. She is a true advocate for personal and financial growth, impacting the lives of those she touches.

Wife | Mom | Christian | Ultimate PowerHouse Coach | International Speaker | Model | Financial Professional

Photo of Shilpa Govind
Shilpa Govind
Localista LLC


Photo of Heartsing Home Decorating
Heartsing Home Decorating

Lana Cooper is the owner and Lead Designer at HeartSing Home Decorating. She works with people who would love to have a well-decorated home but struggle with interior design on their own and helps them create comfortable, impressive spaces that increase their sense of well-being. She believes that our environment plays a large roll in our overall mental health, and is honored to be involved in the lives of her clients in such a positive way.

Photo of LaDonna Hector-Bethea
LaDonna Hector-Bethea
The Desktop DiVA

The DesktopDiVA provides business to business administrative support to startups and solo business owners.


Photo of Mrs Michelle Johnson
Mrs Michelle Johnson
Owner Nailed It DIY Durham

Michelle Johnson is the owner of Nailed It DIY in Durham that opened in the fall of 2022. She, with the help of her husband, fulfilled a life-long dream of owning her own businesses. Nailed It DIY offers a fun and inclusive experience in south Durham, where she has lived for 20+ years. In her spare time you will find Michelle planning a family vacation or organizing a get-together with friends and enjoys shopping and organization.

Nailed It DIY is an experience-based store where you are guided in building a sign, project or home decor using power tools and their exclusive techniques. It’s the perfect place for a girls’ night out, group get together, date night or fun team building event. Nailed It also offers build it events and birthday parties for kids as well as half-day and week-long youth camps. In the retail section of the store you will find other small businesses selling their handmade goods in addition to the gifts and signs made in-house.

Photo of Elaine Jolley
Elaine Jolley
Financial Advisor Vesta Wealth Advisors


Photo of Diane Kinlaw
Diane Kinlaw
Loan Officer Revolution Mortgage


Photo of Shanon Madrid
Shanon Madrid
Sunbelt Business Brokers of Durham


Individual Membership

Photo of Debra Mathias
Debra Mathias
Owner Connect to Clients

Debra Mathias is a renown LinkedIn trainer and coach in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Debra has conducted LinkedIn workshops for groups and corporations since 2011. Her training enables sales professionals to turn connections into clients and empowers people in career transition to be successful.

Learn more about our upcoming events now: https://www.connect-to-clients.com/


Genifer Noebels
Business Consultant VensureHRHR Technology Sales
Mary Norton
Vesta Wealth Advisors


Photo of Yoli Ray
Yoli Ray
Self-Image Coach Practitioner and Photographer Click Creative

Yoli Ray is the founder and Chief Image Officer of Click Creative and creator of the Click Method. The signature Click Creative experience merges the transformative power of photography with the depth of coaching, utilizing NLP and EFT to facilitate self-discovery and empowerment. I apply the Meta Model and TIME techniques, allowing clients to break through barriers and capture their personal evolutions in a snapshot — celebrating not just a moment, but a journey towards self-love and actualization. My work transcends traditional imagery, uniting my 10-plus years of experience with a deep commitment to celebrating the journey of individuality and strength in every frame.

Unlike traditional coaches, I infuse the art of photography into my holistic coaching methodologies, which include NLP and EFT Tapping, offering a truly multi-sensory experience. My training in NLP and EFT (tapping) enriches sessions, allowing clients to not only visualize but embody their evolution. The use of the Meta Model and TIME techniques assists in uncovering and reframing self-limiting beliefs, creating pathways for transformative self-awareness and resilience. Photography becomes a conduit for this transition, immortalizing the point where clients see and embrace their true, empowered selves.

The cornerstone of my success has been the unique blend of my passion for photography and empowerment coaching. The creation of a space where clients feel free to express and revel in their true selves in our coaching containers and during their photo sessions has been revolutionary. I guide clients through a visual and emotional renaissance. It’s this commitment to igniting self-love and confidence—that truly sets my work apart and resonates with clients, leading to profound, shared success.

Photo of Laura Reichert
Laura Reichert
Owner Triangle Life Coaching & Triangle Life Coaching Academy

My name is Laura Reichert, and in 2015, I founded the parent company of Believe In You Life Coaching LLC, called Triangle Life Coaching.

A credentialed PCC (Professional Certified Coach) with the International Coach Federation, Laura’s dedication to the craft is evident in her credentials and innovative contributions to coaching methodologies. One such contribution is her pioneering EMM™ model, a transformative framework she developed to enhance the coaching experience further.

Laura has also earned the esteemed Executive Leadership (XCC)  from Assenter Coaching and the Certified Authentic Leadership (CALC) from Authentic Leadership Advisors (formerly Raleigh Coaching), making her a multifaceted force in the coaching arena.

Before inaugurating Triangle Life Coaching Academy, Laura shared her vast knowledge as a faculty member at Raleigh Coaching Academy. In this capacity, she molded the futures of aspiring coaches and displayed her leadership acumen as the Chief Operating Officer.

At the heart of Laura’s coaching philosophy lies a deep-rooted belief in human potential and a dedication to nurturing it. Her eclectic mix of comprehensive training, rich experience, and an intuitive ability to resonate and motivate places her among the premier coaches of her generation.

Today, within the vibrant community of Triangle Life Coaching, Laura is not just a coach; she’s a change-maker, guiding her clients toward brighter horizons and empowering them with the tools for a richer, more purposeful life. She symbolizes inspiration, transformation, and unwavering dedication to personal growth.

Photo of Nikki Remme
Nikki Remme
Life and Wellness Coach The Power of Daily Love

Nikki is a dynamic life and wellness coach and breathwork facilitator, passionately dedicated to empowering powerful women through her company, Daily Love. Her approach is deeply rooted in the belief that small, consistent changes can unlock transformative possibilities. With expertise extending to breathwork, fitness, nutrition, and inner work, Nikki is committed to fostering both physical and emotional well-being.

Known for her bubbly energy and ability to light up any room, Nikki masterfully balances professionalism with relatability, making her a cherished guide among her high-end clientele. With her knowledge and skills in breathwork, she is on a mission to scale Daily Love, aiming to foster a strong sense of community among her clients. Nikki’s approach is not just about wellness; it’s about understanding how the emotional and physical aspects of our lives play a role together, and to find endless growth opportunities for the driven, successful women she serves.

Let Nikki guide you on a journey to deeper self-discovery, where every breath and movement brings you closer to the boundless potential within.



Photo of Shani Seidel
Shani Seidel
Sunny the fun fairy

Sunny the fun fairy creates Enchanting and Empowering Experiences for Women and Magical Moments for Children.  Sunny delights in Sprinkling Seeds of Perpetual Joy with everyone she meets.

Laura Smith
Triangle Small Business Solutions
Photo of Tammy Smith
Tammy Smith
Assistant Vice President Home Trust Bank

Highly accomplished financial professional with 25+ years of experience in the banking and mortgage industry. Strong customer service skills and business development experience. Management, team building and administration skills. NMLS #105017



“Tabitha is on a mission to improve humanity through being a strong advocate for Business Mindset, Business Foundation and Business Financial Growth.” Tabitha Lewis is the Founder of THL Ultimate Solutions, Your #1 Source for Tax and Business Solutions. She is a Tax & Profit Growth Strategist who helps business owners understand their bottom line and bring awareness to their tax and financial status in order to gain better cash flow.

Tabitha is a proud graduate of The University of Phoenix, obtaining an Associate’s Degree in Psychology, then a Bachelor’s in Business Management, and also a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management. Her education, experience as a tax professional, training as an IRS Tax Professional and motivation to help others has led her to become a transformational leader in her community and beyond teaching various tax strategies and profit growth strategies with providing the best advice for all her clients.


Photo of Alison Oriana Vento
Alison Oriana Vento
Financial Advisor Edward JonesFinance

My focus is to help you build a strong foundation by growing financial knowledge and confidence, and providing the tools that will allow you the opportunity to live your best life today and in the future.

Money awareness was an integral part of my upbringing, I understand how to approach planning for long term goals, retirement and generational wealth.

My experience working by the side of leading Fortune 500 advisors, and my passion for service excellence has inspired me to pursue advanced certifications, including, most recently the Wealth Management Certified Professional® designation, so my clients can feel confident that I am equipped to assist them with very complex situations.

In 2022, I joined the Edward Jones family, where I know my clients’ interests are always the most important priority and their needs are supported by advanced technologies and a deeply talented team.

I love taking the time to develop truly personal relationships with my clients. Ensuring you have someone to call when considering how important financial choices might influence your future is essential.

As we develop and implement your financial strategy, we’ll prepare for multiple scenarios, take a well-rounded view by working with your tax advisor, attorney and other professionals.

When not with my clients, I enjoy exploring culture through global travel. I love to cook for family and friends.

I invite you to set up a phone appointment, so we can discuss whether we are the right fit for your needs.


Photo of Koni Zachar
Koni Zachar
Owner/Licensed Esthetician Luminae Skincare & Facials

Koni Zachar, first embarked on her skincare journey when she became a licensed esthetician in 2007, in California. While living in Los Angeles, Koni was lucky to be a part of the esthetics team in the well respected, highly regarded Raya Spa, adjacent to Beverly Hills, where celebrities and TV personas were frequent visitors. After six years as an esthetician in West Hollywood, Koni moved to New York where she pursued esthetics independently, and later in 2015 she relocated to Cary, NC, with her family.

Throughout her years in esthetics, she explored not only traditional spa treatments, but also, advanced device-driven methods leading her to believe that both, incorporating esthetic technology and soothing facial techniques create the most effective, yet, relaxing skin care services. Koni’s clients rave about her collagen-stimulating, relaxing and revitalizing face massage!

During her 17-year long quest for the best approach, she discovered that those pursuing all-natural philosophy didn’t always achieve desired skin results, while those seeking result-driven treatments missed out on relaxation. To bridge this gap, Koni created a simple yet expansive service menu to include both. Her goal was to create a space where skin treatments yield results promoting skin rejuvenation while allowing the mind to escape on an ultimate journey of relaxation.

At Luminae Skincare & Facials, she offers services that are holistic and decompressing, such as the Classic tier of facials, but also anti-aging treatments such as LED, Chemical Peels, Microderm and Microneedling.