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Dr. Rita R. Gibson

Founder- Owner Dr Rita Renee-Ultimate PowerHouse Coach| Gibson & Gibson Licensed Financial Professionals, LLC.
4801 Glenwood Ave. Suite 200 4801 Glenwood Ave., Suite 200 NC Raleigh NC 27612 United States 4801 Glenwood Ave., Suite 200 NC Raleigh NC 27612 United States Home Phone: 19193900314 Home Phone: 8009904885 Website: Gibson & Gibson Licensed Financial Professionals, LLC Website: Dr Rita Renee Website: Your Ultimate PowerHouse Coach
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Dr. Rita Renee’: Wealth Strategist, Nurse, Author, International Speaker

Dr. Rita Renee’ is a multifaceted finance, healthcare, and personal development powerhouse. With a diverse background and a passion for empowering others, she has significantly impacted various areas of life.

As a Wealth Strategist, Dr. Rita Renee’ brings her financial expertise to the forefront, guiding individuals and families toward financial freedom and prosperity. Her strategic insights and wealth-building techniques have transformed the lives of many, helping them secure their financial future.

In addition to her financial prowess, Dr. Rita Renee is a dedicated nurse who provides compassionate care and support to those in need. Her commitment to the well-being of others extends beyond monetary wealth, and she touches lives through her work in healthcare.

Dr. Rita Renee’ is also an accomplished Author with a compelling narrative that inspires and motivates others to find their voice and share their stories. She encourages individuals to break their silence and overcome challenges, fostering personal growth and resilience through the power of storytelling.

As an International Speaker, Dr. Rita Renee’ has traveled the globe, empowering women to embrace their authentic selves and celebrate their uniqueness. Her captivating presentations instill confidence and inspire positive change, especially among women who find strength in her messages.

You can catch Dr. Rita Renee’ on MyCarolina, where she regularly provides financial literacy insights to the audience, furthering her mission to educate and empower people in finance matters.

Dr. Rita Renee’ is the Ultimate PowerHouse Coach, encompassing finance, relationship, and authorship, and her journey continues to inspire many. She is a true advocate for personal and financial growth, impacting the lives of those she touches.

Wife | Mom | Christian | Ultimate PowerHouse Coach | International Speaker | Model | Financial Professional

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