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Koni Zachar

Owner/Licensed Esthetician Luminae Skincare & Facials
Work Phone: 919-737-7537
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Koni Zachar, first embarked on her skincare journey when she became a licensed esthetician in 2007, in California. While living in Los Angeles, Koni was lucky to be a part of the esthetics team in the well respected, highly regarded Raya Spa, adjacent to Beverly Hills, where celebrities and TV personas were frequent visitors. After six years as an esthetician in West Hollywood, Koni moved to New York where she pursued esthetics independently, and later in 2015 she relocated to Cary, NC, with her family.

Throughout her years in esthetics, she explored not only traditional spa treatments, but also, advanced device-driven methods leading her to believe that both, incorporating esthetic technology and soothing facial techniques create the most effective, yet, relaxing skin care services. Koni’s clients rave about her collagen-stimulating, relaxing and revitalizing face massage!

During her 17-year long quest for the best approach, she discovered that those pursuing all-natural philosophy didn’t always achieve desired skin results, while those seeking result-driven treatments missed out on relaxation. To bridge this gap, Koni created a simple yet expansive service menu to include both. Her goal was to create a space where skin treatments yield results promoting skin rejuvenation while allowing the mind to escape on an ultimate journey of relaxation.

At Luminae Skincare & Facials, she offers services that are holistic and decompressing, such as the Classic tier of facials, but also anti-aging treatments such as LED, Chemical Peels, Microderm and Microneedling.

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