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Yoli Ray

Self-Image Coach Practitioner and Photographer Click Creative
Cell Phone: 9192743003 Website: http://www.YoliRay.com
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Yoli Ray is the founder and Chief Image Officer of Click Creative and creator of the Click Method. The signature Click Creative experience merges the transformative power of photography with the depth of coaching, utilizing NLP and EFT to facilitate self-discovery and empowerment. I apply the Meta Model and TIME techniques, allowing clients to break through barriers and capture their personal evolutions in a snapshot — celebrating not just a moment, but a journey towards self-love and actualization. My work transcends traditional imagery, uniting my 10-plus years of experience with a deep commitment to celebrating the journey of individuality and strength in every frame.

Unlike traditional coaches, I infuse the art of photography into my holistic coaching methodologies, which include NLP and EFT Tapping, offering a truly multi-sensory experience. My training in NLP and EFT (tapping) enriches sessions, allowing clients to not only visualize but embody their evolution. The use of the Meta Model and TIME techniques assists in uncovering and reframing self-limiting beliefs, creating pathways for transformative self-awareness and resilience. Photography becomes a conduit for this transition, immortalizing the point where clients see and embrace their true, empowered selves.

The cornerstone of my success has been the unique blend of my passion for photography and empowerment coaching. The creation of a space where clients feel free to express and revel in their true selves in our coaching containers and during their photo sessions has been revolutionary. I guide clients through a visual and emotional renaissance. It’s this commitment to igniting self-love and confidence—that truly sets my work apart and resonates with clients, leading to profound, shared success.

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