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Laura Reichert

Owner Triangle Life Coaching & Triangle Life Coaching Academy
10030 Green Level Church Rd Suite 802-1090 Wake Cary NC 27519 United States Work Phone: 919-793-8442 Website: Triangle Life Coaching
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My name is Laura Reichert, and in 2015, I founded the parent company of Believe In You Life Coaching LLC, called Triangle Life Coaching.

A credentialed PCC (Professional Certified Coach) with the International Coach Federation, Laura’s dedication to the craft is evident in her credentials and innovative contributions to coaching methodologies. One such contribution is her pioneering EMM™ model, a transformative framework she developed to enhance the coaching experience further.

Laura has also earned the esteemed Executive Leadership (XCC)  from Assenter Coaching and the Certified Authentic Leadership (CALC) from Authentic Leadership Advisors (formerly Raleigh Coaching), making her a multifaceted force in the coaching arena.

Before inaugurating Triangle Life Coaching Academy, Laura shared her vast knowledge as a faculty member at Raleigh Coaching Academy. In this capacity, she molded the futures of aspiring coaches and displayed her leadership acumen as the Chief Operating Officer.

At the heart of Laura’s coaching philosophy lies a deep-rooted belief in human potential and a dedication to nurturing it. Her eclectic mix of comprehensive training, rich experience, and an intuitive ability to resonate and motivate places her among the premier coaches of her generation.

Today, within the vibrant community of Triangle Life Coaching, Laura is not just a coach; she’s a change-maker, guiding her clients toward brighter horizons and empowering them with the tools for a richer, more purposeful life. She symbolizes inspiration, transformation, and unwavering dedication to personal growth.

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