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Consider It Done!Personal Concierge Service

Contact: Sherri Durbin
8311 Brier Creek Parkway Suite 105-68 Wake Raleigh NC 27617 United States Home Phone: 15628832600 Website: http://www.RaleighConcierge.com
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Consider It Done!  Personal Concierge Service is a boutique Raleigh area concierge/ personal assistance service offering the very best in lifestyle management. Our team tackles mundane to do’s so our busy clients can have the freedom and time to do the things they love. They learn the freedom and relief that delegating to do”s can bring.

Even for those working from home life can feel overwhelming and stressful when to do’s don’t get done, leaving little time for family, fun and self care, or even to focus on career growth. Yet often these professionals and families have neither the budget nor the need for a full time personal assistant.
Consider It Done! Personal Concierge Service  has become the resource that can be used a few hours a week or as needed to manage those dreaded to do lists. Clients purchase packages of hours that can be used whenever and however they need. Small business owners can use the service for both business and personal tasks.
Our personalized approach and passion for excellent customer care is what differentiates Consider It Done! Personal Concierge Service. Our commitment to our clients is that by working with our experienced team they’ll have the luxury of focusing on what really matters: family, fun,  self care or on growing their small business.
Whether we’re working with top realtors managing a relocation (We specialize in whole house, one day unpacking & organizing), planning holiday parties/ events, wrapping holiday gifts, starting dinner, managing store & Amazon returns, researching & supervising contractors, taking dogs to the vet or groomer, organizing paper files for a local business owner, folding laundry, doing home tidying, gift & grocery shopping, or organizing closets, toy rooms & pantries, if it matters to our busy clients it matters to us. And overextended women deserve no less.

We help our clients flow through their days with less stress, giving them the freedom and relief that comes with delegating mundane tasks. This is so essential to achieving work/ life balance.

Consider It Done! Personal Concierge Service  is not just an “errand service.” Instead, we pride ourselves on being Raleigh’s favorite lifestyle management service. In 2022 we expanded our services to local tech companies looking to offer innovative services to their employees, so that company time is not taken away to handle personal errands. The service boosts employee morale and helps employees achieve work/ life balance.

If your life feels overwhelming at times and like there are simply not enough hours in the day we’d welcome a conversation.

Call or text us @ (919) 697-8874 or visit us online at http://www.RaleighConcierge.com


Kind Regards,
Sherri Durbin, Owner & Founder
Consider It Done! Personal Concierge Service
“We make to do lists disappear! What’s YOUR superpower?”
Raleigh’s favorite at home personal assistance service
Office: (919) 697-8874
Cell: (562) 883-2600 
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