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Mary Angelini

Founders of Gabi’s 

June 13, 2023

Prestonwood Country Club


We are Mary and Gabi Angelini Co Founders of Gabi’s! I was crushed when I realized that NO ONE would hire my daughter, despite her love of service, hard work and bubbly personality. This discrimination is incredibly common for adults with special abilities. In Wake County there are 68,000 people living with a disability, only 18% of adults with a disability are employed.

That’s why Gabi and I are focused on employing as many people as possible. We currently have over 40 employees at our 2 nonprofit companies. Gabi’s PALS (Packaging, Assembling, Labeling, Shipping) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals with special abilities. Our operations are focused on providing meaningful employment and workplace training for these individuals so that they can become self-reliant and self-supporting.

We would love to help your company with any fulfillment needs at your warehouse or at The Loading Dock in Raleigh, NC! Gabi’s GROUNDS sells coffee/tea and merchandise on our website or at our warehouse at The Loading Dock 1053 E. Whitaker Mill Rd in Raleigh. We also do pop up events with hot or iced coffees!

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