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Kentucky Derby Party!

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

11:30 am- 1:30 pm

Prestonwood Country Club

Grab your bright derby hats and beautiful dresses and derby attire!

Join us for great food, games and delicious desserts

Be ready to purchase raffle tickets!

Win Prizes!

10 TICKETS $5.00
20 TICKETS $10.00
25 TICKETS $15.00
50 TICKETS $30.00

Our Kentucky Derby Sponsor:


Susie Castellanos Hansley, Ph.D. is a life coach, keynote speaker, and founder of Susie Castellanos Hansley LLC. Known as the Stress LESS Coach, Susie helps people ditch stress, create work-life balance, and live joyful lives – without giving up on their career goals. Her methods help people permanently reduce anxiety and stress by 50%, as well as giving them the tools to deal with future challenges that may come up in their lives.

Susie has helped hundreds of people reduce stress through one-on-one coaching, keynote speaking, and workshops. Her specialty is helping clients overcome the “big five” causes of over-stress and burnout: anxiety, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, overworking, and procrastination.

As a trauma-informed coach and trauma survivor as well as a first-generation Mexican American originally from San Diego, Susie speaks fluent Spanish, has been happily married to her husband Bill for over 19 years, lives in North Durham, and is particularly fond of the color pink.

Want to connect and create community, network, or learn more about Susie’s coaching and speaking services? Email her at susie@lifecoachsusie.com or visit lifecoachsusie.com/links

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