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 for Speaker

Rita Gibson

with the Gibson Financial

October 18, 2022

Prestonwood Country Club


 “ The Economic Effects of Business”

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Dr. Gibson is a wife, mother, author, and INSURANCE SPECIALIST. She is passionate about helping make other people’s lives and futures brighter. As a Licensed Financial Professional and Clinical Manager, she has over 28 years of collective experience. Those combined passions have enabled her to successfully guide individuals to financial independence and focus on what matters most — creating a better quality of life for themselves and their loved ones. Dr. Gibson works with individuals, families, employees, entrepreneurs, and business owners to ensure they, their loved ones, and their businesses are adequately protected. She does this by providing vital financial literacy so that families can confidently choose the appropriate strategies that will allow them to leave a legacy and not a liability through insurance and tax-free strategies.


Lunch Sponsor

is Kellie Bradley with

Kellie Bradley

VP, Business Transformation

‪+1 352 415 3506


SharpShell Solutions LLC.


Kellie has worked in advertising, business development and marketing for more than 40 years.  She began her career in Washington, DC working for an all-female advertising agency and was part of the team that launched the DC Lottery (Campaign Lotto Zone) complete with space themed cookies (Zookies), being handed out on streetcorners by “alien models” during the inaugural weekend of the Lottery.  Kellie is a native of Maryland and has also worked in Baltimore, Little Rock, Arkansas and now calls Raleigh, home.

Kellie has been a business owner, corporate ADR/mediation consultant, non-profit owner and has managed people, projects, campaigns, and brands.  She has a passion for small business and non-profits and is passionate about ending childhood food insecurity and hunger and making mental health assistance readily available and accessible to those who need help BEFORE a life-threatening crisis occurs.


She brings her decades of experience, creativity and business acumen to SharpShell Solutions, a US based, minority owned business focused on assisting small business and non-profits to solidify and define their brand, identify their voice, and grow their client base.  Kellie helps clients “Come Out Of Their Shell.”


Kellie has a wonderful partner whom she has known for 45 years – in fact she and Mike went to high school together.  Whenever they had class together, they got into much trouble with their hilarious shenanigans they usually had to be separated.  After 30 years apart, their friendship rekindled and they found peace, love and a life together.

Their blended family includes 4 children:

Michael 32, Roanoke VA

Marina 30, Chicago, who graduates in December with a masters in Architectural Engineering

Jordan 23(deceased 2018),

Drake 20 who is still trying to decide what to do with his life



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