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Shanelle Edmonds

August 8, 2023
WBON Meeting
Prestonwood Country Club

300 Prestonwood Parkway, Cary NC 27513

11:30 am-1:30 pm

 Shanelle Edmonds is an attorney in North Carolina with a background in family law, probate  law, civil litigation, and of course her favorite area, business law.

The experience she has in these  various areas of law have helped her provide a unique and tailored experience to her business  clients, given these areas of law constantly find their way into the business realm. Shanelle has  helped various small business owners form their business entities, register trademarks, comply  with federal regulations/state regulations, create external/internal policies and procedures,  create/negotiate various contracts such as: employment agreements, waivers, wholesale  agreements, exclusivity agreements, licensing agreements, and many others.

She’s worked with  and traveled to Port Au Prince Haiti with the North Carolina Bar Association to assist with  business and economic development of the country in collaboration with the Port Au Prince,  Guadeloupe, and Paris Bar Associations. She believes in taking the time to learn and understand  her clients and their business to provide detailed legal advice that enables them to be confident in  the decisions they are making. Shanelle prides herself in being your friendly lawyer next door. 

She has been a featured guest speaker to various organizations and podcasts such as: the National  Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals: North Carolina Chapter and Baltimore  Chapter, Women In Networking: Contracts, Contracts, and More Contracts and Soothing  Anixiety for the Business Owner, Guass Fireside Chat: Crypto Business & Regulations, Ultimate  Black Man Radio Podcast: Can Sidechicks Save Marriages?, Gentleman Style Podcast: Family  Lawyer Explains How to Sue the Side Chick, Club House: Why Life Insurance is Important, and  Alternative Dispute Resolution: South College Asheville, NC. She is here to give a personable  experience to all of her clients and enjoys making tiktok videos on the side.


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Maria Copp is a Senior Advisor with Stryde Solutions. She and her team work with clients on a national level to  identify Specialized Tax Incentives, Expense Reduction, and Financial enhancement opportunities.


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