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Social Media Strategies

Description: Facebook & Instagram – How they work together to build your brand. Social Media strategies for your business.


Do you beat yourself up for not getting everything done every day? Are you ready to stop comparing yourself to others? Ready to turn off the freeze, fight, or flight stress response?

It’s time to slow down so you can reconnect with what is important, focus on your values and priorities, be more productive, and then move quickly, efficiently, and effectively with sustainable energy. Especially during the holidays!


  1. Techniques to calm your nervous system, slow your heart rate, and increase your focus
  2. Ways to get grounded, centered, and supported for the work and play that is meaningful and important to you
  3. Practices that will retrain your brain for morBIO:

    Michelle Doeffinger owns Triangle Social Media, an agency in Raleigh, NC that supports business owners anywhere. She offers:
    🌸Social Media Management (Any Platform)
    🌸Social Media Tune-ups
    🌸Social Media Workshops
    🌸Social Media Coaching Club
    🌸Social Media Video Tips, Ads, Business Interviews & Events!

    Michelle helps  Optimize, Strategize and navigate your social media platforms. (or she can  do it for or with you!)
    Michelle is also a Homeschool Group Director, Licensed Practical Nurse, and USN Veteran Hospital Corpsman.
    She enjoys the outdoors, camping & kayaking.
    contact Michelle with TriangleSocialMedia

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